Here We Are. Shall We Get Started?

I’ve had this website domain for well over a year, and not much action has gone into it. I posted a couple of blogs when it first went up, but then I reformatted my link and deleted my posts months later to start over. I can undeniably say it was the perfectionist in me that decided to get rid of them.

I wish I could give you a light introduction to who I am, but the truth is I am many things. Over time, I am sure to unfold for my reader, but for now, I will let you know that I’m an active Intuitive Psychic, that has been reading for clients over the last several months. In yesterday’s reading, a card came up that familiarly struck me during this afternoons meditation. The message for my client was to start on her creative endeavours. To not worry about perfecting things as she needs to begin somewhere, to leverage her ideas off the ground. With this message, I have decided to listen to Spirit for my own accord and finally start writing for this blog consistently.

It’s brilliant how the Universe conspires to work with you and never against you. See, I have been feeling a little lost as of late. My whole world has changed over the last couple of years, and I find myself still in limbo. I feel unsure, and I’m questioning many things. I’ve also been in deep search, but of what, I find myself too uncertain. As I was sitting on my couch well before sitting down to write this entry, I heard an email notification go off on my phone. I looked at the time, and it was 2:37 pm. I speak to the Universe in numbers and usually do this by googling many number sequences throughout my day. Today, Angel Number 237 was certainly one of them. The message behind this number was letting me know that it’s possible to earn a living doing something that sets my heart and soul on fire.

Something I was aware of, but in tandem with my many questions and as of late soul searching, I again, was feeling a bit stuck. 237 was reminding me that my gifts are unique to me and bestowed upon me to share with the world. I knew my next step was to go back to the drawing board to think about what I enjoy about life. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve done this several times before, and in doing so, I have played around and tried out many things. Painting, filming videos for YouTube, makeup lessons, volunteering, and of course, writing. But in my reflections this afternoon, I realized deep down, I love to talk. I’ve said it for years, put me in a room with a large group of different kinds of people and I’ll be able to relate in some way or another – or at the very least, be completely drawn into a conversation. I would have to agree that one of my top-selling attributes is not only sharing stories but being an excellent listener of others, and with that, I have learned many things. Once I recognized how much I enjoy talking and sharing my stories, I got up from the couch, walked across the room to stare out the window and prayed to God, asking to receive help in finding joy. “God. (deep sigh) Please help me find happiness. What will make me happy?”

With that prayer, and a 40-minute meditation to sit on some things, I happily find myself at my computer typing up my first blog entry. I’m a product of personal success because I follow my intuition and the voice of my Higher Self and Guides. I listen to Spirit and do my best to follow instruction actively. In turn, I have opened many unexpected doors, have found much joy along my path and more excellent health and well being. I imagine posting to this blog will bring nothing but great excitement to my life, as sharing stories do make my heart flutter. So here we are. Shall we get started?

I’m 36 years old, and typically in this stage of life, most will find they are an expert at something, maybe even a couple of things. As for myself, I’m an expert at being downright human and bold enough to share my experiences, opinions and points of view. The basis of this blog will be precisely that amongst other topics of interest, such as working with Spirit in hopes to inspire others to do the same.

I once lived a life that appeared to be nothing but glamorous. And although exciting at times, it left me feeling empty, broke and incredibly lonely. Since making adjustments to my life, both major and minor, I find myself still searching for answers but on a path much clearer.

Before we do indeed get started, I want to thank you for taking an interest in what I have to share. It is sure to not only entertain you but inspire and uplift you the same.